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Electronic Debugging Service - Bug Sweeps

The security of your privacy is of the utmost importance. In today's world illegal electronic audio and video surveillance endangers these rights. According to a recent publication millions of dollars worth of bugging devices are imported into the USA each year. The cost is amazingly low and the availability is high. Wire taps, listening devices and video cameras are becoming the norm not the exception.

Cope Investigative Services provides an electronic debugging service for offices and homes. Their highly skilled Sweep Teams, conduct a detailed physical search as well as a search using the most advanced technical debugging equipment on the market. These teams have been trained by retired military counter intelligent personnel and by the manufacturers that produce the top of the line debugging equipment.

If you are experiencing a leak of information in your business or if you are involved in a domestic matter (divorce, child custody, broken relationship) and you feel your conversations are being recorded call, Cope Investigative Services, LLC to help resolve these issues.

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